Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There's a season, a time, for everything under the sun...
God alone knows when the seasons, the times, are right.
And so I wait.
Because I know He makes all things beautiful, in His time- if we allow Him to.

Not always sure what all I am waiting for, but tonight I am certain of a few things:
That my God is good.
That He has my best interest, and the interests of His Kingdom in mind. Always.
That I do not know what's best.
That I do not deserve what's best.
That He delights in me.
That I fall short of His Glory too often.
That He paid for my shortcomings, my transgressions in full.
That He wants to give me victory over sin even more than I want it.
That He can be trusted.

That no matter how long I have to wait for all that I am waiting for, He has waited infinitely longer than I have ever waited. He's waited for us-for me- to surrender to Him each and every day.
He's waited for a people to reflect His Character so that He can end our hearts' waitings.

He's waited for a people to take Him at his Word. It is sure and steadfast.
And so I bend low and lay my head at His feet, and find my fears pass away with my hearts' burdens.
I surrender.

Hope. It's waitings' companion, it's twin.
Faith, it holds the twins up.
Love, it is what my faith, hope, and waiting rest on.

Psalm 27:14
Psalm 38:15
Psalm 130:5
Micah 7:7
Isaiah 65:24

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